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  TV and Film

Greg Vail

Jazz Saxophone Player Greg Vail – Recording Credits for Film, Television, Cable and Radio Commercials.
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Greg Vail Film Credits

    Film Credits
  • “I Don’t Buy Kisses Anymore” starring Jason Alexander and Nia Peoples on Paramount Pictures/Web-Marc Pictures
  • “Molder Of Dreams” 1990 Christian Film of the Year for Focus On The Family
  • Industrial and Government Films for Campbell Productions

Greg Vail Television Credits

  • Smooth Jazz TV Shows with Peter White have aired many times, nation wide.
  • NBC Smooth Jazz TV airs a couple times a week now in 2004 and shows live footage of Greg Vail with many Jazz Artists. Last week's show covered Greg Vail with Peter White on the Guitar Special.
  • NBC hit show “Profilers” 2003/2004.
      numerous episodes thru each season...
    • “Stranger On The Shore” Clarinet Feature – Theme song for the Shows primary Villan.
    • “I put a spell on you” Opened and closed an episode.
    • “Conga” Opened and closed an episode.
    • “Bailey Love” Soprano Feature
    • “Making Love” Big Band Feature
    • “Seven Dollar Martini” a Jazz Feature.
  • “Ali – American Hero” Fox Movie ‘Made for T.V.’ Special
  • Baseball Sports Special for Osmond Productions
  • Guiding Light Daytime Soap Theme Song
  • General Hospital Daytime Soap Theme Song

TV and Radio Commercials

  • Las Vegas Freedom Party 2000 Commercial
  • Numerous Las Vegas Tourism Board Commercials
  • 2004/2005 Lots of Vegas Commercials - Dept. of Water and Power, Tourism and Political spots.
  • Sax By Candlelight CD National Aired Commercial and Info-mercial (Audio and Visual) for Time Life Music
  • KTWV, The Wave in L.A. CA. Featured on 30 minute promotional show for TV aired 100’s of times in So Cal
  • IHOP Promotional Video and TV Commercial
  • Boy Scotts Of America Commercial
  • Fry’s Market Place Radio and TV adds
  • Water Country (Boston Water Park) Commercial
  • Terra Pacific (Energy Provider) Commercials
  • Ralphs TV and Radio Adds
  • Infinity TV Commercial
  • Isuzu TV Commercial
  • Nissan New Product Video, 1992
  • Local news spots all over the country, live for local Concert Promo.

Greg Vail Cable TV Credits

    Cable TV
  • OC Real-Estate Channel - Cable TV theme songs
  • Saddleback Swings I & II
  • KSBR Radio - Live Concert footage of the Bash Jazz Shows 1995-2005 and counting. These air over 100 times each year for local cable networks on the West Coast.
  • Local So. Cal. Commercials (Audio & Visual)
  • Cable footage for Guitars and Saxes, Peter White, Kilauea, Greg Vail Band, Rob Mullins, Tony Guerrero ect...


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