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  Sax Sound Clips Sample

Greg Vail

Sax sound clips, saxophone samples audio, smooth jazz saxophonist, audio samples, jazz sax, flute. Listen to Saxophone Music...
Greg Vail CDs - 1995-2009 - Great Saxophone CDs and available today!

Sax Sound Clips / Audio Samples from Greg Vail CDs

Sax By Moonlight / Sax By Candlelight CD Audio Clips


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Smooth Jazz Classics CD Sample Audio, Sample ClipsSmooth Jazz Classics
Greg Vail Music 2009

Smooth Jazz Classics CD CD Sample Audio - all 13 songs - 1 long audio sample

1 The In Crowd - Alto Sax and Bari Sax examples
2 Affirmation - Flute sample
3 Rise - Alto Sax example
4 Feels So Good - Flute sample
5 You're the Biggest Part of Me - Alto Sax example
6 It Happens Every Day - Soprano Sax sample
7 Got It Goin' - Tenor Sax example
8 Make Me a Memory - Soprano Sax sound clip
9 All in Love Is Fair - Soprano Sax sound clip
10 Touch - Soprano Sax sound clip
11 Love's Gift (Tenor) - Tenor Sax sound clip
12 You Are So Beautiful - Soprano Sax sound clip
13 Got It Goin' (Reprise) - Tenor Sax sound clip

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