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  Sax By... Sound Clips

Greg Vail

Love Songs Sound Clips/Samples of Sax By Moonlight / Sax By Candlelight by Smooth Jazz Saxophonist Greg Vail. Listen to the saxophonist's music...

Love Song Sound Clips from Sax By Candlelight CDs / Sax By Moonlight CDs

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Sax Love Songs Sound Clips

These CDs are showing as available online but are no longer available at Greg Vail Music. They are 'out of print', but available new and used when searching Sax By Moonlight or Sax By Candlelight on the web.

Greg Vail Love Songs

Greg Vail Music has many Love Songs available - Go to Greg Vail Sound Clips to listen and Catalog for sales and download links!

The Sax By Story

I recorded 40 songs for Time-Life Music back in 1996 and these songs have been released as Sax By Candlelight on Time Life Music 2 CDs with all 40 Songs; and Sax By Moonlight 4 CDs with all 40 Songs, released thru Delta Entertainment. These songs were also released as Moonlight Sax on BMG - Sax By Candlelight thru Avon Catalogs The Best of Sax By Candlelight on BrainChild Records Sax By Candlelight/Greg Vail, and as a portion of other projects like Hollywood To Broadway 4 CDs with 4 different artists released on Delta Music.

With this project released in so many different packages, these songs have reached sales in the Millions over the past 11 years.

All The SAME Music

Sax By Candlelight from Time Life Music contains all the same great songs as Sax By Moonlight from Delta Entertainment. All 40 Love Songs feature Greg Vail and are listed OUT OF STOCK on this 2CD package at Time Life Music.

Finding "Sax By..." Online

Search - "SAX BY CANDLELIGHT, featuring Greg Vail" on Amazon,, eBay or other retail outlets online. You can also 'Search' for 'Artist', 'Greg Vail'. Your best bet is online outlet stores or used since traditional retailers don't have stock any longer. I see it at Amazon all the time.

LOVE SONG VIDEOS - Romantic Saxophone Clips

Sax Love Songs

Sax Love Songs the web site with Video, MP3s and Love Songs!

Sax Love Songs

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This page last updated JUNE 2010

For music searches regarding Love Songs Smooth Jazz Saxophonists, Greg Vail's Sound Clips for Sax By Moonlight, Sax By Candlelight, Easy Listening, Saxophonist, Pop Instrumental Music, instrumental saxophone cds, background music, hear music by one of the great saxophonist, Greg Vail.

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