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Sax Player Greg Vail's CD Reviews, Concert Reviews and Critical Praise
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    Peter White and Greg Vail. Jazz Sax Player Greg Vail's Concert Reviews, CD Reviews, and Critical Praise.
    Photo Courtesy Patty Tucker - Peter White and Greg Vail

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    The Orange County Register

    "Saxophonist Vail is one of Orange County's best-kept secrets..."

    Steve Eddy


    Smooth & Soul - © Hans- Bernd Hülsmann (HBH)

    Just Be Thanksful - Patrick Yandall:

    ... "What might be Patrick's next single? I guess Let Me Love You. A strong captivating melody combined with Greg Vail's emotional sax solo has the power to climb the charts."

    CD: Patrick Yandall - Just Be Thankful

    Label: June 2005 on Apria Records

    Review on 2005


    Greg Vail - Christmas The Hymns

    Joy to the World - Greg Vail:

    Whether he's playing a passionate ballad or dazzling us with a charged performance, Vail remains one of contemporary music's most dynamic performers. A man of deep personal conviction, Greg brings all these elements to a wonderfully joyful rendering of the holiday classic. Enjoy!

    CD: Christmas The Hymns

    Label: Greg Vail Music

    Review from Canada’s Café Jazz – - 2004


    Sax By Moonlight CDs

    "The 4-CD set has arrived, and we’ve been playing it in our sales center for several days. We are building a Hilton hotel/condo on the intracoastal waterway in Fort Lauderdale. The units sell from $285,000 to $5 million, and we have a beautiful sales center with a model of the building. We’ve removed all other CDs and are playing yours exclusively, and it’s the very first time the sales people have all agreed on the music. The most difficult person to please just came over to my office to tell me how much she enjoyed the music and asked how to get a set for herself! You have to know her to fully appreciate how extraordinary that is. I played a trumpet for 11 years many years ago and studied music, so I appreciate your wonderful talent even more. I’m a Christian, and I believe I saw where you had started out playing Christian music. I’ll be looking for those CDs as well."

    "Thank you so very much for helping me get the CDs. Most of all, thank you so much for your music!!!"

    Kathryn 2005


    Greg Vail Band live at Saddleback Church

    "Greg Vail, aka the saxman, has got to be the baddest white boy to ever pick up a horn. He played with excitement, as well as expertise, also with passion, rhythm and life! A true musician, playing real jazz and having real fun. I think he took cuts in line when God was passing out gifts, but you can't be mad at him, he shared generously and this was a magnificent evening of music, on the side of a hill, called Saddleback Church. The only disappointment of the evening, was that it all ended much too soon."

    Alva Copeland 2004


    Greg Vail CD, The Gospel Truth.

    The first thing I noticed upon listening to The Gospel Truth was some of the best sax playing I’ve ever heard. Greg Vail is a superb technician, and he is so much more. You see, every song he does is played from the heart.

    The Gospel Truth is sometimes upbeat but usually soft and lingering. All of the music seems to be dedicated to Spirit and thus dedicated to the Spirit that lives within all of us. The end result is music that is serene and peaceful; meditative yet contemporary.

    Greg offers his superb talent on soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxes, as well as flute and piccolo. He is ably supported by keyboardist Rob Mullins. There are 10 selections on The Gospel Truth and each is so pleasing, you’ll listen to this album over and over again.

    More, the saxophone is often regarded as the most romantic sound of all instruments. Well, Greg Vail raises the bar of excellence with this CD. That makes The Gospel Truth just about as smooth and easy, ambient and moving as can be. Greg blends contemporary jazz to offer a sound that speaks of love—love and praise of God, and all God’s people.

    Greg Vail is regarded as a saxophonist without peer. He has recorded on literally hundreds of smooth jazz and Christian CDs over the last 20 years—indeed when you hear great sax on the radio or TV, it may well be Greg.

    The Gospel Truth, though, is an ultimate testimony to talent. If you’ve been looking for music that is all at one glorifying, romantic, soft and ambient, run (do not walk) to get your copy of The Gospel Truth!

    Richard Fuller, Senior Editor of Metaphysical Reviews

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    Christmas, The Hymns CD on Greg Vail Music.

    Of course it is more tempting for sax lovers to stuff their stockings with the best selling Kenny G, Dave Koz or Boney James CDs, but this smaller indie release by one of smooth jazz’s most durable saxmen is a spirited delight on par with those.

    Vail and his right hand man, Rob Mullins, vary the mood nicely, from the frantic, classically tinged soprano-driven opening track “Deck The Halls” (complete with an explosive synth orchestra) to the gentle, reflective “What Child Is This.”

    “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” and “Joy To The World” balance tender soprano melodies with seductive light funk grooves.

    Vail adds a sweet wistfulness to “Silent Night” by choosing to go with flute.

    He opens “O Holy Night” with an ominous atmosphere featuring a distant alto flute intro before easing into the main, soft rhythmic tune on soprano.

    On the cover of the disc, Vail’s “featuring Rob Mullins” credit seems to give the keyboardist an almost equal billing; the tandem is in perfect synch on the simply arranged, gorgeous piano-soprano duet of “Hark the Herald Angels Sing.”

    Mullins adds some exotic chimes and percussion textures to a dreamy rendition of “We Three Kings.”

    The variety will more than hold the listener’s interest even as we wonder why he’s wearing sunglasses on a project celebrating songs usually associated with cold and snow.

    This CD is available through Vail’s website at

    by Jonathan Widran, National Jazz Writer

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    Peter White "Autumn Day" CD, "Perfect Moment".

    Ok! So it's been awhile. I've just been waiting for the Perfect Moment to greet you again and it seems that Peter White has provided it. He has solicited the likes of Grover Washington Jr., Rick Braun, Greg Vail, Gerald Albright and Brian Culbertson to help him make this CD the "Perfect Moment" that it is.

    Autumn Day...

    Greg Vail's sax harked my heart's holler...


    "Moonlite Sax" CD Review

    Talented soloist Greg Vail gives outstanding saxophone instrumental performances of hit love songs on this soothing and highly listenable album.

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    "Sax By Candlelight" CDs

    Turn the lights down low and enjoy these 40 sensual melodies played by star saxophonist Greg Vail. This double album of classics, performed with heart and a touch of soul, ideal for quiet times with your sweetheart.

    Time-Life Music site


    Greg Vail - Christmas The Hymns

    For those who truly appreciate the spirit of Christmas, saxman Greg Vail has something to stuff in your stocking. CHRISTMAS - THE HYMNS, is destined to become your favorite holiday CD.

    This moving album employs a traditional sensibility while remaining smooth . Smooth indeed, but mind you, this is not just another Smooth Jazz Christmas album.

    You will love the jazzy versions of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen", "Joy To The World", and "We Three Kings", you will also find lovely hymns and pure traditional tunes.

    Greg's holiday album features his long time friend and collaborator, keyboardist Rob Mullins. The two have created a new classic.

    This is the one for wrapping the presents, drinking the cocoa and decorating the tree. Pick up a copy for yourself and your friends and family.

    Review by, November 2002

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    Rob Mullins "Dance For The New World"

    "On sax is a long time associate and friend of Rob's that is no stranger to the contemporary jazz world: Greg Vail. Greg had played sax on Rob's "Dance for the New World" CD, and he was really sounding strong on "Bustin' Out", which was my second most favorite song from "Dance", next to "House of Broken Dreams" which always made me sad, but happy at the same time when I heard it.

    Anyway, Greg's sax work on this live project is simply amazing..his tenor is deep, powerful, and strong, his soprano is sweet and sexy, and his alto just blows the roof off the place on "Summer Song" which is the first song on the new CD."

    Liner Notes for "Joyful Noyz". The new CD from the grammy nominated composer, Rob Mullins

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    "Sax by Moonlight" Series

    A superb collection of old favourites done with tenderness., November 15, 1999

    Reviewer: Erroll Nortje ( from South Africa

    Review @ 5 Stars

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    eMotion CD by Greg Vail

    "Fans of pop-jazz supergroup Kilauea have been licking their lips over the long anticipated release of Greg Vail's opening solo statement E-Motion, and the charismatic multi-saxman does everything musically possible to fulfill their fantasies.

    Infusing the same type of frenetic energy and silky passion as in his live and recorded performances with the band, Vail keeps his ideas melodically simple while venturing into enough edgy improvisational territory that will keep obvious comparisons at bay.

    While punchy gems like the title track will have ears salivating coast to coast, and the Smokey Robinson cover "Just To See Her" finds a safe familiarity, the real standouts are the smoking blues-brass gun "Ben-Jamin" and the swaying orchestral centerpiece "In The Beginning". These two spin all emotions into unexpected directions.

    Peter White and Carl Verheyen add some impressive string work, helping Vail establish his own voice on what could have been just another impressive pop jam session"

    AMG Review

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    Sax By Moonlight CDs

    Greg Vail has a glorious touch. He takes our old favorites and gives them a whole new meaning, a new perspective. This is music to fall in love to all over again.

    Vail's hauntingly beautiful rendition of 'When I fall in love it will be forever' seems to linger in one's soul.

    5 Star Review @

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    Artist Biography available at and for Sax By Moonlight CDs.

    Saxophonist Greg Vail is one of the most prolific musicians on the instrumental Jazz scene today. Regarded as one of the best session musicians in Los Angeles, Vail is equally proficient on the soprano, alto and tenor saxes.

    Vail started playing the sax at the age of six, inspired by a professional saxophone player, his grandfather. He continued his studies through junior high, high school and college, eventually receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree from Cal State (Long Beach) with a major in music.

    After graduation from college, Vail moved up the line from local bands to playing with national recording artists. He established his reputation in the Gospel music world and performed with Gospel artists such as Leon Patillo, Jon Gibson and Petra on over 70 gospel albums.

    He performed and recorded with other notable artists including Billy Idol, Peter White, Rob Mullins and Kilauea, a band Vail joined when it first started in 1991. Joining Kilauea proved to be a pivotal point in Vail's career. Not only did it give him national exposure, but it gave him the opportunity to experiment musically.

    Vail became the featured saxophonist on several of Kilauea's albums before finally releasing his debut solo album in 1995, E-Motion, with Brainchild Records. Sax Candlelight followed in 1996, another Brainchild release. In 1996, Vail also recorded a series of albums for Time-Life. includes this information about "The Music" for the Sax By Moonlight CDs.

    Make the best of a beautiful evening with some scintillating sax music from Greg Vail on the collection Sax By Moonlight: Always On My Mind.

    You can get away from your day with songs like "Autumn Leaves", "Just Once" and "The Circle Of Life".

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    Tony Windle "Right There"

    There's no wanting for supporting talent either...Greg Vail partners with Windle on several tracks; without overshadowing or show-boating, Vail's sax lends a perfect meld and accompaniment to Windles' natural tunesmithing.

    This is smooth jazz at it's coolest!

    Review by JazzMan

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    Tony Windle "Right There"

    ...power ballad "Never Never Land" featuring a Richard Elliot like tenor fire by Greg Vail.

    Jonathan Widran, JAZZIZ Magazine

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    Jeff Burak "Change Of Pace"

    Yet Burak saves his best moment for a sizzling, electric-driven duet with Greg Vail, whose sax and flute infuse the same sort of soulful power as they did for years with Kilauea.

    Jonathan Widran, All Music Guide

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    Tony Wendle "Right There"

    ...keyboardist Tony Windle is replete with visits from members of the Smooth Jazz A-Team: Jeff Kashiwa, Greg Vail...

    Steve Williams, Gavin Magazine

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    Kilauea featuring Greg Vail

    ...rising star band, Kilauea, debuted in early March. The band dazzled the crowd, but the sensational sax chops of Greg Vail were the highlight of the show.

    Becky Delgado, Publisher of Contemporary Jazz Review

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    ROB MULLINS "Dance For The New World"

    Greg Vail's tenor parties hard with Mullins on the one true relentless funk piece, "Bustin' Out"

    Jonathan Widran, All Music Guide

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    Tony Wendle "Right There"

    Based on what we ussually expect from Tony Wendle track #2 is something of a surprise but it works absolutely brillantly. It is a Smooth Jazz reworking of Rob Tempertons 'Baby Be Mine' from Michael Jackson's classic album 'Thriller'.

    Greg Vail is featured on alto sax and without going over the top this could be the surprise smooth jazz hit of 2000. It sure deserves to be.

    Track #7 brings us more theme music potential with 'Never Never Land' and the sax playing of Greg Vail.

    Denis Poole,

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    ...raging action...stuningly rich sax and flute work, which brought the show to dazzling heights.

    Jonathan Widran, LA Jazz Scene

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    ...Vail's wailing licks are totally engaging and infectious, working the audience and the music into a frenzy.

    Music Conection

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    ...Greg Vail shows his versatility on acoustic and electronic wind instruments. Keep your eyes on him in the future.

    ...Saxophonist Greg Vail received a great deal of praise...attention is naturally drawn to the sax, especially when it is played as energetically as it is by Vail.

    Dan Margules, Jazz Columnist

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    Wow! Your music is amazing! Thank you for being part of CMA 2002!

    God Bless,

    The CMA Staff and Leadership

    Christian Management Association,

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    Dear Mr. Vail,

    I just sampled clips from one of your CDs and now have plenty of ideas for my family to get me for birthdays, holidays, etc...

    I am a 62-year-old-about-to-become-a-grandma in July and I have always liked saxophone music. It is very relaxing.

    I am so glad that you have made a Christian CD, Thank You, but especially I thank God for you. I am disappointed that you do not perform in our area of the country. May God richly bless you for using your talent for Him.


    Jeanne Mank

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    Website Reviews from

    Greg Vail's Website is SO Informative and Entertaining!!!,

    If you love good Saxophone and have a sense of humor, you have GOT to see this website. It's full of information, good music and fun articles. Greg is an extremely talented musician and this is the place to pick up some great Jazz CD's, read some clever articles, get information on all the instruments he uses for his performances, find out where he has performed and who's album's he is on... etc., etc, etc. The list could go on...

    Oh! And don't forget to check out the photos, related links and to say "Hi"... He personally answers all messages left for him... What a Guy!!!

    Great Website Saxboy!!!

    5 Stars - A Site As Great As His Music!,

    As much as I enjoy Greg's music, his website might be even better! Lots of interesting things to read and great pictures and audio clips too.

    5 Stars - Gotts Love Greg,

    I've heard Greg play, on more than one occasion, but every time is an experience. I met my cousin, at Kikuya's,in Huntington Beach, Ca., a couple of Friday's ago, where Greg plays with Rob Mullins and Greg was in rare form. My cousin was actually inspired to write poetry. :-) "I think I'm in Love, When You're Playin' That Saxophone"...Greg really played that horn that night. Though I'm sure it was purely innocent and totally unintentional, when he played that horn, on that night, every woman, young, old, and in between, fell obviously in love. His music, has that kind of magic. He casts a spell. He just manages to serve you a huge hunk of jazz, with a lotta sugar on top. It's just soooo sweet.! Irresistible!

    5 Stars - Cool,

    Great site... lots of cool, interesting, fun links. You keep a good mix of informative and fun. Your site is also really organized and easy to navigate around. Even though someone already said it, love the personal touches and overall atmosphere of the site

    5 Stars - AWESOME !,

    Hey... love this site. Got just what I needed and more. Love the personal touches and friendly, informative atmosphere. Thanks for asking for my review.


    2002 Greg Vail Bio

    Greg Vail Recording Credits - as Leader

    Greg Vail Recording Credits – Jazz CDs

    Greg Vail Recording Credits – Contemporary Christian & Gospel CDs

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    Equipment & Endorsements

    Greg Vail Reviews and Critical Praise

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