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  Gospel CDs Gospel Music

Greg Vail

Gospel Instrumentals Music by Christian Jazz Saxophonist Greg Vail.
Gospel Praise and Worship Instrumentals featuring the Saxophone

Gospel CDs -- Gospel Music

Greg Vail Home | Gospel Truth Revisited | The Gospel Truth CD

The Gospel Truth CD and The Gospel Truth Revisited CD featuring Gospel Saxophonist Greg Vail

Smooth Jazz Awards 2010

Exciting NEWS just in - April 2010!! The American Smooth Jazz Awards Nominations have been posted! I am totally excited to see GOSPEL JAZZ listed for the first time on the list! I am also happy to announce Greg Vail has been Nominated for Gospel Jazz Artist of the Year 2010!! Pretty cool! The Artist Nominations come from the Industry folks but the VOTE is online and open to the public - THAT'S YOU!!!

Please show your support of Instrumental Music and the
NEW Gospel Jazz category by VOTING TODAY! The online polls are only open till July 15th so head over right now and let your voice be heard!

Gospel Jazz - Christian CDs

The Gospel Truth Revisited CD cover by Saxophonist Greg Vail - CLICK COVER for a 5 song sample.

The Gospel Truth Revisited CD

Greg Vail Music (c) 2006

The Gospel Truth Revisited is a beautiful collection of 12 Contemporary Gospel, Praise and Worship Songs frequently heard in Churches participating in the Purpose Driven movement.

The Gospel Truth Revisited is the latest release (2006) of the original Gospel Truth CD that was released in 2001 on Greg Vail Music and is still available here online. The main difference between them is, the removal of the only secular song that was recorded on the 2001 release, and the addition of 3 new Gospel songs that I totally love. Read more about The Gospel Truth Revisited here.

The Gospel Truth Revisited Track Listing

The Gospel Truth Revisited CD Site Links

Gospel Truth Revisited | Gospel Revisited Booklet | Gospel Revisited Press | Making Gospel Truth Revisited

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Gospel - Smooth Jazz CDs

People All Over The World, Healing Grace, Europa by Carlos Santana, Good And Worthy Of Praise, Don't Give Up, My Life Will Worship You, Take Time To Pray, I Know The Plans, Only The Lord Of Love, Fall On Me, Morris Chapman, Rick Muchow, Encouraging Music. Christian Instrumental Music, rb Instrumental Love Songs, jazz saxophonist, Christian praise and worship music, Gospel Sax Player Vail.

The Gospel Truth CD

Greg Vail Music (c) 2001
The Gospel Truth CD is a romantic blend of Inspirational Worship and Instrumental Love Songs featuring the Saxophone, released in 2001 on Greg Vail Music.

The Gospel Truth CD features 1 up-tempo gospel song, Greg's amazing version of the Smooth Jazz Classic Europa by Carlos Santana, and the remaining 8 selections are some of the most passionate and beautiful love songs I could find in the modern Church.

Read MORE about The Gospel Truth CD, 2001 Release here.

The Gospel Truth CD Site Links

Gospel Truth Home | Gospel CD Booklet | Gospel Review | Making Of the CD | Interview | Preview | Gospel Release Party | Testimonials | Rate the Gospel CD | Greg Vail Sax Home . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Gospel - Christmas CDs

Christmas Hymns CD - Traditional Christmas Hymns CD.

Christmas The Hymns CD

Greg Vail Music (c) 2000
Christmas The Hymns CD is a collection of Smooth Jazz Traditional Christmas Hymns featuring the Saxophone, released in 2000 on Greg Vail Music.

Read MORE about Christmas The Hymns CD here.

Christmas The Hymns CD Site Links

Christmas The Hymns Home Page | Christmas Hymns Booklet | Making Of Christmas Hymns | Encouraging Music Interview | CJA Interview | Christmas CD Review | CD Review Review | Christmas Release Party | Customer Testimonials

Contemporary Gospel Instrumentals

UPDATE MARCH 27th, 2008

Gospel - Christian CD

The Gospel Truth Revisited CD - 2006 GVM

Gospel Smooth Jazz CD

The Gospel Truth CD - 2001 GVM

Christian Christmas CD

Christmas The Hymns CD

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