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Nothing brings back the magic and memories like your favorite music. Christmas is right around the corner again. What makes the Christmas tree and cookies feel more like a Christmas Moment? Your Christmas Holiday Favorites; just 'add music' and it's a Christmas Party or Family Memory.

Greg Vail, Favorite Instrumentals for the Christmas Party and Holiday Season. Deck The Halls, What Child Is This, Away In The Manger, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Joy To The World, Silent Night, Hark The Herald Angels Sing, O Holy Night, We Three Kings, The First Noel, It Came Upon A Midnight Clear, O Come All Ye Faithful. Nothing reaches into our Memories like the Sites, Smells and Sounds of the Holidays.

I'm not gonna try to hit the Smells or Sites, but I do have the PERFECT answer to the Sounds of CHRISTMAS!

I play on lots of peoples CDs. When I was given the chance to make my OWN NEW CD, I ran to my Christmas Music and started to circle all my favorites. It was time... and I was ready.

Christmas Smooth Jazz

Christmas The Hymns CD has the real classics on it. You know; the stuff we all know and love. Traditional Christmas Hymns, Favorite Instrumental Christmas Party songs.Great Traditional Christmas Hymns - featuring some great music! I picked my 12 'gotta do these' songs, and me and my partner got to work. 'Christmas The Hymns' is a CD of my Favorite Christmas Hymns. This is the GOOD STUFF - Full of Truth and Memories; features Greg Vail playing Sax and Flute, and due to some great musicianship and honest love for these songs: It is the best Christmas CD around to just turn on and leave on all day. Vocals can get in the way at a party or function Instrumental Christmas Favorites It's a no-brainer! Listen here as you read on.

I have been told time and time again that this CD was on all day at the book store and never got old. Many Churches use it as Background Music thru December. The styles of music for each song vary from Smooth Jazz and New Age to Funk and Orchestral. Christmas The Hymns was designed for you, not Radio Station Folks. Rob and I created a CD for the sake of and in honor of "The Music." How revolutionary. What a concept. From track 1 thru track 10, each track creates the perfect accompaniment for 'that song.' We then programmed the CD for emotional flow from top to bottom. ...not just another 1 hit wonder. You'll wear this CD out!

Quick Buy Christmas Hymns CD $15.00

No Christmas Party, Church Function or Special Holiday Family Gathering should be without some great Christmas Music.

You probably have a few Christmas CDs by now. You're gonna break out a few of the Favorites from years past, but the CD you will wear out this Christmas will be Your Favorite, NEW Christmas CD you just got.

I would love to be Your Favorite NEW CHRISTMAS CD!

GO LISTEN NOW - Christmas The Hymns Sound Clips and Song Titles.

Listen to the CD Sampler from Christmas The Hymns Now and continue reading as you Enjoy the Sample Clips.

GO BUY a few at CD Baby - iTUNES - Amazon - Buy CD ~ Amazon - Download.

I Pray you have a Blessed and Safe Christmas. Blessings to all from Greg Vail Music.

Greg Vail

Christmas Jazz

Is It Christmas Yet? CD CoverThe latest Christmas CD by Greg Vail Music - Is It Christmas Yet? takes an old school jazz approach to some great Christmas Favorites. Featured is the Classic Jazz sound of the B3 Organ and Jazz Guitar with all of Greg Vail's Saxophones to make a Project soon to be known as another Classic Christmas Jazz CD! Go check it out now and order both Greg Vail Christmas CDs from the Christmas Sax Site.

LISTEN TO: Is It Christmas Yet?

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Is It Christmas Yet? CD $15.00

BUY Christmas The Hymns and Is It Christmas Yet? at CD Baby!

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Can Holiday Credit Card Bills get you Down? Christmas Thoughts. Lets give generously but spend wisely.

Do you Ever wonder what Christmas Means to YOU? Watch a brief video my Pastor on what it means to follow Christ.

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Jazz Christmas Music

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