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Christmas CDs available - CD Catalog

Alan Remington - Orange Coast College, Commercial Music Professor


It was pure joy seeing you and hearing you play on New Year's Eve. Your album has originality, personality and conviviality in each song. The performances are just plain fine on all instruments!


Bubba Byrant - Drummer

“You sound so good man. Man, You sound great on this stuff! Man you sound wonderful. Oh my God, I love you dood. You sound so good!”

Bobby Cruz – Keyboard Player

Sounds Great Man!!

Mrs. Yackoff – School Teacher

You are really good. I put the CD on and listened all day yesterday. It sounds great… unbelievable!

"Is It Christmas Yet?" which was recorded live in the sanctuary at Saddleback Church in October is available Nov. 20th, and it is awesome - you should totally check it out!

With a blend of smooth jazz and old school jazz Greg Vail really brings traditional Christmas music to life and his new CD will appeal to every type of jazz fan out there. The arrangements are incredible and the musicianship on the album is amazing - the contrasting styles on the album (ie. bossa nova, swing, etc.) truly represents jazz at its finest.

Not to mention 5-year-old Vanessa Vail, the cutest and most wonderful little girl, is featured vocally with the famous line "Daddy, is it Christmas yet?" that every parent hears near Christmas each year as well as singing the hymn "Silent Night" on one of the tracks.

KAKO - Jazz Club Regular


Just a note to tell you I love you new Christmas CD. I have been listening to it all day.

Vanessa sounds so sweet! A happy sound of a child warms your heart, doesn’t it?

I want to get some more next Friday for Xmas gifts for my friends.

Take Care!

Jill Taylor - Marketing Manager

Hey Greg,

I was listening to your new CD while I was driving around at lunch today. I LOVE it! I loved the soprano sax on “Angels We Have Heard on High.” I can’t wait to hear the rest of the CD!

Love, Jill

Pres Patty - Fan Club President

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

The new CD has arrived and I've heard the first 3 tracks on the way to work this a.m. I LOVE it! I'll give you a full editorial report when I've heard it all.

Bryan O. Chaney

I visited Saddleback on Sunday while I was at a conference in Anaheim this past weekend and picked up your CD! It's really good. I am the sound engineer at our church, Damascus Road Community Church here in MD, and we're benchmarking off of Saddleback as we plan to build a 125 acre church campus in the same theme as Saddleback. May I play your CD at, during our entrance and exit this Sunday and I'll put a slide up on the ppt of your album cover.

In HIS name...

Bryan O. Chaney

Suzanne Feighery


Ben gave me a copy of your cd. Ben is in my 5th period Language Arts II Honors class. I just wanted to tell you that I enjoy listening to it very much. Thank you!


Suzanne Feighery
Valencia High School
Language Arts Teacher

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So much luck on this XMAS project. I really enjoyed it and will be listening through the holidays. I especially loved the ballads because I love my XMAS music very traditional.

It's great work, wonderful playing, and your daughter's version of Silent Night is absolutely priceless.

Love You tons.


Hi Greg,

I added 3 songs to and to our Xmas Stream: Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas and Winter Wonderland.

Good stuff. We’ll try to get it up on the downloads this weekend. Early next week at the latest.

Sandy Shore - President -

Greg Vail

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Is It Christmas Yet?

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